The Rowan Tree offers heritage & cultural consultancy and locum services tailored for museums,
galleries, heritage sites, heritage building custodians, collectors, local and family historians. We can provide
advice or project manage your heritage and museum interpretations, exhibitions, collections, education, public programs,
workshops, training and events. Services can also be applied to individual elements depending on client requirements.

Museum and gallery projects, partnerships and events has been recognised by national & state museum and gallery awards. These include:
Museums Australia Print and Design Award
IMAGinE Museums and Galleries of NSW Award
Programs and Partnerships Local Government
and Shires Association of NSW Award

Industry recognition through conference papers have included:
Museums Australia Conference – Myth and Reality,
Women Transported – Life in Australia’s Convict
Female Factories
Museums Australia Community Participation in Museum
and Gallery Programming
Museums and Galleries Symposium – Outside In:
Activating Audiences and Community Support
Museums Australia Directors Conferences,
Diverting Disaster, The Australian Museum
C.O.M.A. Conference, Queensland Art Gallery
and Museum The Pemulwuy Dilemma
Which service are you seeking?
Curatorial Services
Exhibition Project Management




Travelling Exhibition

Management in all aspects of exhibitions and display – from concept to installation. Exhibition project management has included over 40 individual exhibitions.

Exhibition concept development; grant applications; content research; critical, editorial and interpretive writing

Object identification, loans.

Identify and manage fabrication needs and presentation.

Exhibtion installation.

Content, interpretation hierarchy, individual and group focus visitor trails for adults, children, education, family, tourism and lifelong learning opportunities

Content development through to printing

Venue identification; tour preparation; liaison between project initiator, lenders and venues; tour manuals, object management including preservation, condition reporting, facility reports and object handling requirements; media kits, events and education/public programming.

Projects have included art and history exhibitions such as Drawn Together – the drawing lives of Nora Heysen, Judy Cassab and Margaret Woodward and Women Transported – life in Australia’s Convict Female Factories and Inside Looking Out. These travelled over five states to venues as varied as the National Archives of Australia, Ballarat Regional Gallery, Fremantle Prison and Cascades Female Factory.

Collection Management
Collection Management Strategies

Collection Documentation

Collection Access

Risk Assessment and
Disaster Planning

Collection policy development and associated strategies – accessioning and de-accessioning, documentation, donations, loans, collection care, access and insurance.

Collection assessment – significance, preservation needs, rehousing, storage, packing.

Development of preservation and conservation strategies and implementation plans for collections.

Collection mapping.

Collection research.

Statements of significance.

Object cataloguing and data entry for archaeological, social history and art collections from early Colonial times to contemporary objects.

Quality photography of collection objects for conservation, publication and web access by museum trained photographer.

Online access.

Research access.

Collection interpretation tours.

Collection focused public programming.

Collection publications.

Developing robust but accessible risk assessments and disaster planning.

Education Experiences
Public Program Development, Implementation and Presentation

Learning Program Development Implementation and Presentation

Museum Specific Education Program Development

In-house Training

Education Publications

Public programs to meet the needs of leisure learners, cultural and heritage tourism,
family groups and social groups of all ages.

Workshops, holiday programs, lectures, presentations and tours

Develop programs and activities to enable teacher facilitation of an optimal
school visit to heritage sites and museums.

Pre and post visit activities can also be included.

Holistic education experience that includes the museum and the class room
as separate entities or as webinars.

Enhancement of learning experience through development of museum specific
education programs.

Using curriculum objectives linked to specific onsite learning interpretation tools such as exhibitions and collections and in-house developed publications apps or programs.

Collection preservation principles, handling, documentation for paid and volunteer staff.

Guiding basics – exhibition floor talks and site guiding.

Cultural History immersion days, European and Australian – assists in development of understanding for paid and volunteer staff of historical cultural contexts for people,
place and collection objects.

Development of content for: Education Kits | Teacher’s Guides, Floor Guides,
Electronic whiteboard friendly DVD Roms | Content for tablet and phone apps

Education specific publications have included Women Transported
Learning Resources For All Ages DVD, Drawn Together DVD,
Drawn Together Education Kit, We Were Burnie Kids DVD.

Development and Implementation

Heritage Tours

Events developed and implementation in the heritage and
cultural context including museum and heritage sites:


Floor talks, seminars, panel discussions


Commemorative days and theme days

Historical anniversary celebrations and
heritage events

Arts, crafts and cultural access days

see Tours page.

Image Captions: 1. Book, photograph courtesy of Amiel Dizon. 2. Family photograph and letter to George Camp fro his sister Mary Wilson, Tooley Family History Collection.3. Gay Hendriksen giving a lecture at the National Archives of Australia. 4. Women Transported – Life in Australia’s Convict Female Factories at the National Archives of Australia. 5. Drawn Together Launch with Gay Hendriksen, Margaret Woodward, Judy Cassab and a Nora Heysen Painting
Mother and Child. 6. Gay Hendriksen receives IMAGinE Award from David Berner. 7., 8., 9. Women Transported launch – participants, speakers and Her Excellency Professor Marie Bashir with Gay Hendriksen and launch guests.