History Focus – Parramatta Female Factory

June 4, 2014 in Family History, Uncategorised

As you may know we, at the Rowan Tree, have a passion of the early Colonial period in Australia and thought you might like to check out the new website parramattafemalefactories.wordpress.com You can aslo listen to the story of Australia’s first workers action which occurred at the factory at http://www.2ser.com/contact/item/8993-female-factories-and-australia-s-first-civil-action

The female factories are a significant part of Colonial history and are a part of the tours we offer at The Rowan Tree. Follow this link for Parramatta and Female Factory tours http://www.therowantree.com.au/heritage-tours/  here are some images of the Parramatta Female Factory:

Parramatta third class quarters

Parramatta Female Factory Entrance

NSWFF Factory005401