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Personal Authentic Quality

Discover the iconic and hidden places and stories of Australia’s Colonial past.
Explore the heart of Sydney, the Rocks, Parramatta and Beyond. Whether you would like to experience
Australia’s Colonial heritage as part of a group, or in a private tour, Touching History Tours have something for you.
Special subjects include The Rocks, Parramatta Female Factory, Colonial Parramatta, Windsor and the Blue Mountains.

• The layers of history that are Sydney Cove, the heart of Sydney, The Rocks, Parramatta, Blue Mountains and beyond
• The authentic stories of people, place and historic events with an expert – your tour guide is also a curator and author
• Walking in the steps of the famous and the infamous Colonial Australians
• Special inclusions on curated tours of archaeology from the first 30 years of the Colony, a free museum visit and a free morning tea in a unique Colonial building


For information and bookings you can email
or ring +61477189137 or within Australia 0447189137
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Which tour would you like to experience?


Touching History:
Heart of Sydney Signature Tour

Meet the Macquaries:
Living History Tour

On this unique Sydney Cove and The Rocks tour you will experience living history:

  • Follow the shorelines and shadows of Sydney Cove and The Rocks
  • Walk in the steps of Governors, convicts, Aborigines and free settlers
  • Discover the home of the Cadigal people, the secrets of an underground stream and an 18th century military battery
  • Visit the site of the 1788 Government House and Rum Rebellion
  • Touch convict stone and stand in the places of the first encampments, hospital, gaol, barracks and sense the living history of the early Colonial settlement
  • Explore secret laneways, home of the larrakins and find history inspired street art
  • See harbour vistas, an early church, inns, archaeology from the First Fleet and the first 30 years
  • Enjoy a free museum visit included in the price
  • Delight in a free morning tea in a unique Colonial building


These experiences are memory makers and unique photo opportunities for all your favourite Sydney icons and hidden places.

For late tour inclusion you can visit First Fleet Park, West Circular Quay at 9:45am.
If a tour is running there will be a friendly guide with a The Rowan Tree – Shorelines and Shadows sign who can advise you concerning last minute availability.


Mary, Elizabeth and Me:
Living History Tour


On this unique tour trace the original Parramatta shorelines, delve into the shadows of time and discover the places, people and events that were early Parramatta. You will:

  • Discover Colonial Parramatta from the perspective of Parramatta Female Factory convict women nicknamed ‘Amazonian Banditti’
  • Explore Queen’s Wharf,  the Governors Domain, the first successful Colonial farm and the origins of Battle of Vinegar Hill
  • Walk in the footsteps of these women through the infamous Parramatta Female Factory, Parramatta Park, 1790s hospital site, Hanging Green, Salters Cottage (Governor’s Dairy and one of earliest colonial homes), Old Government House and St John’s Cathedral
  • Touch History, see buildings, archaeology and other personal objects from the 1790s to the present
  • Enjoy a free museum visit included in the price
  • Delight in a free morning tea in a unique early Colonial building

These experiences are memory makers and unique photo opportunities for all your favourite Parramatta icons and hidden places.


Colonial Heritage Custom Tours

A personalised
custom tour

The Rowan Tree does custom tours and we are always happy to discuss your special itinerary needs:
· PRIVATE TOURS for those who love history but prefer to travel alone or with your chosen friends or family
· HIRE-A-GUIDE SERVICES for special interest group tours – social groups, education tours or corporate events. You provide the vehicle and we develop a suitable itinerary with you. Options include:
o Tours for half day, full day or longer
o Locations or trails of your choice. Popular tours include the hidden Parramatta Female Factory,
iconic Blue Mountains, historic Windsor and family history trails. Regional NSW and ACT tours
also offered.
o Organising meals, refreshment breaks during the tour and accommodation if required
o Special discounts for groups of 15 or more
Note: If you have particular mobility needs we can develop a custom tour to fit.

For further information about custom tours email or ring 0447189137

Image Captions: 1. View from Observatory Hill 2. View of the Opera House and Circular Quay from West Circular Quay
3. Parramatta Female Factory wall, 4. Canon from the First Fleet Ship the Sirius