Curator Tip for your Collectibles

April 10, 2014 in Antiques and Collectables, Family History, Family Treasures, preservation/conservation

Your curator tip will help you use good curatorial practice for your favourite objects.

Framing tips for your special print. Whether you are framing your print or getting professional framing there are some tips that will assist the longevity of your print.

1. Ensure you have an acid free backing board and window mount.

2. Using acid free tape hinge the backing board to the window mount.

3. Make a museum mount hinge which has part of the strip attached to the mount in two places at the top of the print and then apply a ‘crossbar’ of tape over the strip you just attached ensuring that this second piece does not touch the print. Close the window mount carefully over the print

4. Insert the window mount with print and backing board into a glass front frame and then attach frame backing.

Note that a print should never be put hard up against the glass of a frame and should never be taped on all four sides as this does not account for the naural expansion and shrinking that occurs with paper.